Darwin’s Theory of Evolution – A False Religion

Evolution is the biggest deception of the modern world. Darwin himself said in his book the Origin of Species:

“Organs of extreme Perfection and Complication.   To suppose that the eye with all its inimitable contrivances for adjusting the focus to […]

When does human life begin?

Alexander Tsiaras: Conception to birth – visualized

It almost seems absurd that in this day and age of modern medicine, as advanced as we humans think we’ve become, we actually have to devote attention to answering questions such as these. […]

Are You Afraid of Dying?

I would imagine that everyone at some point in their lives have pondered the thought of their own demise. Why are human beings so afraid of dying? Why are humans so obsessed with living longer, eliminating disease, pain etc..? […]

Does Hell Exist?

The issue of hell is probably a very morbid topic even for Christians who believe in its existence. The doctrine of Hell is clearly one of the most painful and difficult doctrines of the Christian faith.

Hell is a very […]

Can I Believe the Bible?

What we believe, does not determine what is true. Relativistic truth is a fools belief. The most ignorant thing anyone can do is to deny the truth. Truth is absolute. The person of Jesus Christ fulfilled hundreds of prophecies […]

Who is Jesus and Why Did He Need to Die?

Your eternal destiny will be based on whether or not you know and understand who the person of Jesus Christ really is and whether or not you have placed your faith in Him to save you from your sins. […]

Trusting God During Dark Times

If there is one thing that is certain in life, it is that we will have trouble. Life is filled with disappointments, failure, loss and hurt. These are consequences of living in a fallen world. There will be moments […]

Why Christians should love the truth

Watch video: Essay Writing TipsThere are some topics that cause a lot of dissension among many Christians. I have always struggled with the fact that many Christian people who are supposed to love the truth, actually shy away from […]